Limerick Twenty Thirty is Project Managing the Living Georgian Housing Project in collaboration with Limerick City and County Council’s Urban Innovation Department, which aims to demonstrate how new residential living can be implemented in Limerick’s historic Georgian core.


Under the Urban Regeneration Fund set up by Government, €9million is to be spent on transforming properties at 58, O’Connell Street and 33/34, Thomas Street into imaginative, predominantly living spaces covering various residential tenures.


These city centre sites will be transformed from largely disused spaces into exemplars of best practice in adaptive reuse of historic buildings. The project will focus on marrying the special architectural heritage of the properties with modern living needs and will also devise new investment models to demonstrate and deliver affordable living in the city centre.  

58, O’Connell street is a four-storey over-basement Georgian terraced townhouse and rear garden lot. From the 1930s-1990s, the building accommodated the Limerick City Library in the core building and a new three-storey extension to the rear.


33, Thomas Street is a four story Georgian terraced townhouse adjacent to a two-storey contemporary building. 34, Thomas Street was formerly the site of a Fire Station. Both properties are currently fully vacant and in a state of poor repair.