Limerick is the mid-west capital and Ireland’s third largest city. A vibrant riverside city, Limerick is situated on the majestic River Shannon. Limerick has a natural hinterland of half a million people living within an hour’s drive of the city centre.

Limerick’s excellent road and rail network reflects the region’s accessibility. Dublin is just a two-hour drive by motorway and Cork and Galway are just a 90-minute drive from Limerick. Limerick is equally well served by public transportation connections at just 20 minutes from the nearest International Airport. Limerick is located just 25 kilometres from Shannon International Airport. Shannon Airport offers daily global air access to the US, UK and mainland Europe and served 1.75m passengers in 2017.

Over 40% of US FDI companies are located within Shannon Airport’s catchment, reflecting its importance as a key FDI enabler.

Shannon Foynes Port Company (SFPC) is based on the Shannon Estuary, Ireland’s largest deep-water port , handling the largest quantity of cargo in the country after Dublin.





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