Welcome to Limerick Twenty Thirty’s ESG page. LTT is the first local authority-owned special purpose vehicle in Ireland, to deliver a city and countywide programme of property investment. LTT’s focus is on sustainable development, encompassing social, environmental, and economic objectives in Limerick. LTT values sustainability and is committed to integrating ESG principles into our operations.
ESG comprises three pillars: environmental, social, and governance. Environmental factors consider our impact on the natural environment, such as carbon emissions, waste management, and conservation efforts. Social factors encompass our engagement with communities, labour practices, and diversity and inclusion. Governance factors relate to LTT’s management practices, including ethical standards and transparency.
LTT understand that incorporating ESG principles goes beyond compliance and is vital for long-term success. LTT strives to minimize our environmental footprint through sustainable building practices, waste reduction, and energy efficiency. Social responsibility is a priority for us, as we engage with local communities, creating inclusive workplaces, and maintain positive stakeholder relationships.
Strong governance is a priority for LTT, reflected in our transparent decision-making, ethical conduct, and commitment to diversity. LTT adheres to accountability, integrity, and ethical leadership principles.

Through our ESG initiatives, LTT aims to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and governance practices. LTT regularly measures and report our progress, contributing to a sustainable future for our organization, stakeholders, shareholders, and the Limerick community.

Our Ambition

LTT's ambition is to embed sustainability throughout our activities to enable environmental, social, and economic development. It is our aim to be leaders in driving the sustainability agenda. Given our strategic position and recognizing our responsibility as custodians of priority sites within Limerick, LTT have an important role to play in setting an example in the region, as well as nationally. LTT have identified the following priorities to drive forward our ambition:

  • Enable transformative and sustainable development for Limerick whilst protecting its Heritage.
  • Align with public sector and government targets.
  • Support the needs of tenants, investors, and our supply chain.
  • Comply with regulations and strive for exemplar standards and certifications.
  • Ensure sustainability performance data is tracked, benchmarked, and reported regularly.
  • Further develop strong and robust governance arrangements.


Environmental factors focus on how an organization impacts the natural environment, such as its carbon emissions, waste management, and conservation efforts. At LTT, environmental factors are incorporated into all our projects and aspects of our business.


At Opera Square, Limerick Twenty Thirty is breaking new ground in the construction industry’s sustainability drive thanks to a unique reuse and repurpose programme that is giving new life to stone and brick that would otherwise be discarded. Circular Economy initiatives are a key aspect of ensuring LTT put its core sustainability value into action. In this vein, LTT firstly prioritised the minimisation of waste by retaining 16 buildings deemed to be of historical importance on the site. The goal of reusing large quantities of material form the Opera Demolition and Enabling phase has resulted in materials being brough back into use throughout the Limerick City and County region.

The ‘reuse’ programme commenced with what was the country’s first ever pre-demolition audit, which identified in advance of demolition works which materials could be reused. Among the projects the materials have since been diverted to are the Canal Harbour Building and bridge and old stone wall repairs around the county. 

Significant volumes also have been diverted to training programmes for young stone masons, which has been supported by the Economic and Social Intervention Fund through Limerick City and County Council Regeneration programme. In total, 99.3% of waste was diverted from landfill within the Enabling Works Contract of Opera Square Project.

All LTT projects are designed and built with the best sustainability practices in mind.

Opera Square, which will be built to the very highest sustainability standards, will be built to ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) Platinum certification standard, ‘Near Zero Energy Building (nZEB)’ and WELL Building Standard accreditation.
Gardens International Building holds (LEED) Gold accreditation.


LTT is deeply committed to its social remit, which lies at the heart of our company. LTT understands that our responsibility extends beyond bricks and mortar, and LTT actively engages with local communities to build positive relationships.
LTT invites you to explore some of our recent community engagement and collaboration activities and see how we are making a positive social impact in Limerick through our dedicated efforts.

1. LSAD Collaboration

Limerick Twenty Thirty has had the privilege of being able to collaborate with the very talented and creative students and staff at Limerick School of Art & Design -TUS to install magnificent designs to display on our hoarding at Opera Square.
Keep an eye out for our hoarding installations at Opera Square if you are passing, which feature exciting CGI images of the future development.

2. TUS Visit

Limerick Twenty Thirty had the great pleasure of hosting TUS Property Valuation Management and TU Dublin Property Economics students at Gardens International followed with a trip to the Opera Square construction site. A very insightful day for everyone involved, and we wish these final year students every success with their future careers in the property development sector.

3. Christmas Shoebox

LTT has been a generous supporter of the Christmas Shoebox Appeal for several years. We have provided our Cleeves Riverside Quarter site as a sorting and distribution centre for this heart-warming initiative. The site has been used to collect individually packed gifts for children in Eastern Europe, bringing much-needed generosity to the Christmas season.

4. Cleeves Riverside Quarter Public Consultations

A robust Consultation Strategy was completed with comprehensive engagement with targeted stakeholders and the public for the Cleeves Riverside Quarter Masterplan process.   As part of this, Public Engagement events were held in the Flaxmill Building on site with over 150 members of the in public attendance. Limerick Twenty Thirty welcomed submissions from the public on the draft Masterplan and are currently reviewing the feedback.

5. Catherine Hayes Gala Tribute

Opera can make us see, feel and hear the world differently’ to honour the life of the world-renowned Limerick Soprano Catherine Hayes, Limerick Twenty Thirty were very pleased to sponsor the Catherine Hayes Gala Concert which took place on Thursday 27th April in St Mary’s Cathedral. A spectacular evening of music, the event showcased sopranos Jean Wallace & Amy Hewitt accompanied by pianist Irina Dernova.


At LTT, we recognise the importance of setting effective governance and implementation principles to ensure the delivery of our ESG Strategy. The strategy will be reviewed annually, and training will be offered to staff. The responsibility for implementing our ESG strategy is led by our ESG Champion and supported by our Board of Directors, Senior Management, Corporate HR and Administration team, Project Managers, Project Teams, and External Providers, all of who are responsible for specific aspects of ESG implementation and performance monitoring. The aim is to ensure transparency, accountability, and continual improvement for all involved.