Limerick Twenty Thirty - Transforming Limerick


Limerick Twenty Thirty is a dynamic property development company who are developing key strategic sites in our jurisdiction. These sites will act as anchors for enterprise and investment development across Limerick and the Mid-West Region.

We are an enabler and driver of positive change that will advance Limerick’s case as a vibrant, modern, and dynamic place to live, learn and grow up in.


Limerick – A Future Focused City


While Limerick is a long established and proven location for international business, it is also Ireland’s most future focused city, committed to innovation and economic growth. Located on the western periphery of Europe, just 20 minutes from Shannon International Airport, Limerick is Ireland’s third largest city.


Following Brexit, Limerick will be one of the most competitive English speaking city regions in the EU in which to do business. It’s a message that is already resonating, with the region currently experiencing record levels of inward investment. Limerick Twenty Thirty will be a key driver of this going forward, providing world-class facilities for indigenous and foreign direct investment to establish or expand their presence in Europe.