The iconic 10-acre former Cleeves factory site is located on the northern bank of the River Shannon but will very much be part of the emerging city centre. The site connects both sides of the North Circular Road/O’Callaghan Strand and has a number of distinct character areas, including the historic Cleeves factory, the Shipyard site and the Salesian’s site.


It has been in industrial use since the mid-nineteenth century and retains some of its historic and characterful old buildings including the landmark red brick chimney that dominates the Limerick city skyline on this side of River Shannon.


The site is zoned City Centre in the Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028. The vision for the site is for mixed use, including residential, office/commercial, and educational. It will also be a site for the people with a strong cultural offering and public realm. With careful, thoughtful, and creative planning, this site offers boundless potential which will emerge over the coming years to become one of the most interesting and talked-about developments in the Mid-West and Ireland.


The site’s potential has been underscored by the commitment of € under the Urban Regeneration Development Fund (URDF) – a pivotal moment for a project of local, regional, and national significance.



The key objectives for the project are:

  • Accommodate a mix of uses including residential, commercial, cultural, community and educational spaces
  • Revitalise and redevelop the area by delivering a world class proposal for this key strategic city centre site
  • Build a strong local economy through the creation of employment and new local attractions
  • Encourage and facilitate new business investment
  • Retain and integrate the historic buildings and industrial heritage on the site
  • Develop a public realm that relates and links to the city core and the River Shannon
  • Implement a high‐quality urban design solution
  • Develop sustainable and innovative design solutions which reflect the site’s strategic location in the urban core


The Project Team was appointed in September 2020 when the site came into Limerick Twenty Thirty’s ownership. Work completed to date includes an Options Appraisal which identified the constraints of the site and options for its redevelopment. The Options Appraisal confirmed the site’s suitability for a mix of uses including residential, commercial, and public realm and this in turn formed the basis of the Masterplan. In March of 2023, LTT undertook a number of public engagements at the Cleeves site to present the draft Masterplan. During these sessions, the Project Team and LTT Executive met with more than 150 members of the public and received over 60 submissions and comments. A Summary of the feedback is contained in the Public Consultation Report that accompanies the Master Plan.  You can access the Stakeholder Engagement & Public Consultation Report below.



Click here to view the Stakeholder Engagement & Public Consultation Report

We are pleased to announce the official release of the Cleeves Riverside Quarter Masterplan. This comprehensive plan outlines the future development and vision for the project, and we invite you to explore it in detail.

Click here to view the Masterplan for Cleeves Riverside Quarter.







Capacity: 10-acre site
Jobs: Circa 2,000
Project Value: Circa €450m
Stage: Masterplan Consultation


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